Custom Token setup service

Custom Token setup service

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Outsource the creation of your custom Stellar token to the Task team. Have your own stellar-based token created ready to be used on any of your Task projects as well as any other system that supports Stellar technology.

With this service, you will be provided with the private and public keys for:

  • A Stellar Issuer account for your chosen token
  • A Stellar Distributor account which will contain the tokens issued
  • A Stellar wallet for your Task project account
  • Funding of 50 Lumens across the accounts to allow you to service transactions

This service does not include setup of your stellar.toml file which will need to be done by your web developers if you decide you want it.

On completion of this order our team will contact you to find out the name of the token you wish to create as well as the initial number of tokens to issue.